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7 Amazing Rakhi Gifts for Your Bookish Siblings Under Rs 500

Rakhi or Raksha-Bandhan is celebrated in India with great pomp and show. It is a festival that is celebrated annually in the month of Shravan (August) according to the Hindu lunar calendar. The festival celebrates the love between brothers and sisters. 

Sisters tie a Rakhi around the wrist of their brothers and pray for their long life. Brothers in turn pledge to protect their sisters in every situation and support them in every sphere of life. Gifts are exchanged to cherish the moment of love between the siblings forever.

Rakhi, this year, is just around the corner. If you are looking for a suitable gift for your brother/sister who loves to read books, then here is a list of gift items that are quite affordable.

All the gifts items are under Rs 500 but useful for any book lover. The items are easily available on Amazon.

Atomic Habits – Rakhi gift for your bookworm sibling

For any bookish person, the best gift that you can ever give is a book. And if the book is the current best-seller then chances are there that they are looking for it. Atomic Habits by James Clear is one such book. 

The book is a guide on how to break away from bad habits and adopt good habits. One of the current best-selling books it is on every bookworm’s TBR list. 

Where to buy



Kindle Edition: Rs 178.20
Audio Book Free
Paperback Rs 478.00
Audio CD Rs 240.00

Harry Potter Magnetic Bookmarks – Rakhi gift for Harry Potter fans

Every second bookish person is a Harry Potter fan. In our times, if there is one character who has captured our imaginations like no one else it is J.K Rowling’s, Harry Potter. Be it books or movies, the boy wizard is everyone’s favorite.

Harry Potter bookmarks are the best gifts for ultimate Potterheads. Laminated Folding Magnetic Bookmarks are easy to use and don’t damage the book and there is no danger of bookmarks falling away as the magnetic strips hold it securely.

Where to buy



Rs 299

Kindle Cover – Rakhi gift for the e-book readers

For a person who loves books, Kindle is a prized possession. Kindle is the e-book reader that lets them read books anywhere and anytime without the hassle of carrying the heavy book everywhere. And every Kindle owner loves his/her Kindle more than anything else in the world.

Kindle covers are the best gift for your bookish brother/sister. It keeps their Kindle safe from damage and it looks stylish too. All they have to do is put on the cover and carry the Kindle with them to anywhere they like.

Where to Buy



Rs 449

Reading Stand – Rakhi gift for those hardcover book lovers

Even in this digital age, there are many people who don’t like e-books. They like to read books that are printed which connects them to the characters of their favorite book. Also according to many people, the smell of the new book tempts them to read it in one go.

If your sibling is one of those persons who love to read physical books over e-books then gift him/her this amazing reading stand. All they have to do is pop the book on the stand and start reading. No need to hold the heavy book anymore.

Where to buy



Rs 499 

Audible Membership – Rakhi gift for audiobook lovers

In our busy lives taking time out to read a book can be quite a daunting task. But what if the book can be listened to instead of being read. Audiobooks give the booklovers exactly that freedom. Just listen to books whenever you like. 

Audible is the perfect gift for your busy bookworm sibling. All that your sibling has to do is download the app and listen to his/her favorite book. The best part about Audible is you can cancel your subscription whenever you like. 

Where to buy



Rs 199 per month

Thumb Book Holder – Rakhi gift for those who care for their books

Every person who loves books treats their book as their baby. They can’t tolerate if their books are damaged in any way. They care for every page of their book. Their books always look new even if it is 10 years old.

If your sibling is one such person who loves his/her books more than anything else then a book thumb holder is the perfect gift for them. It is made in such a way that it does not damage the spine of the book and reduces the stress on fingers while holding a heavy book.

Where to Buy



Rs 215

LED Night Reading Lamp – rakhi gift for late-night readers

Many people like to read books in the silence of the night. Nighttime offers the perfect atmosphere for reading the book. Without any disturbance or work to do at night, books can be enjoyed without any tension. 

But the main problem while reading at night is you can’t switch on the lights for a long time if people around you are sleeping. For those persons this portable night lamp is perfect. It can be used without bothering anybody. Gift it to your sibling if they are late-night readers.

Where to buy



Rs 399

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