Life As It Is

These days whenever I open my newspaper in the morning I see it filled with all the negative news starting from the current Covid situation to the deaths due to the disease to vaccine shortage and the blame game that the opposition and the ruling party indulges in. To put cherry on the cake there’s another disease by the name of Black Fungus (the name itself is so scary!) that has suddenly appeared out of the blue to haunt and terrify people out of their wits. As I progress through the pages a mountain of negative news breaks in my mind leaving me scared and worried for my loved ones. It presents a picture in my mind that out there everything is gloomy and dark and there is no scope of everything going back to normal times. But the question that comes to my mind everytime I read the newspaper is that have we as a society ever tried to value the human to human contact that we all miss now?

I remember, as a kid, we always visited our neighbour (not in formal way, we just use to barge in their homes). We all used to celebrate the festivals together. We never considered our neighbours as someone else outside of our family. Their house was just an extension of our house and they are  an extension of our family. During winters (as I grew up in mountains) we all used to come out in the afternoon enjoying the winter sun and eating oranges. The ladies of the neighbourhood sat together and gossiped about everything thats happening in our area and also exchanged knowledge about different knitting patterns and compared each others work. But if you ask me now one seldom knows one’s neighbour (even I don’t know). Relatives visiting each other during winter breaks or summer breaks was a norm. Now family visiting each other is a distant reality. People even don’t know their extended family.

Now when we are stuck at our homes, we appreciate how important it is to connect with our fellow human beings. We have forgotten that we are all social beings. Its in our DNA to live together as a group and enjoy each others company. No amount of social media or television or technology can replace the joy we all feel when we sit together with our family, friends, colleagues and enjoy the conversations over a cup of tea. I agree that technology is a very important part of life. It makes our lives easier and hassle free but we have to remember that its a part of our life. It is NOT our life. Talking to someone on phone or video chat is very different from talking to someone in a face to face scenario. This pandemic has taught us that we can’t live alone (as much as we would like to believe that). So as soon as this pandemic is over go out and enjoy the company of fellow human beings.

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