Top 5 Guiltless Bakery Shops Online for Your Sugar Cravings

Disclaimer: This post is for an assignment for a copywriting workshop. All the details provided are fictitious.

You would be lying to yourself and to everyone else around you if you say the smell and sight of a beautifully decorated cake don’t tempt you to eat it immediately. Cakes, pastries, doughnuts, brownies, etc are on the favorite food list of almost every person. 

But in the current times, with the pandemic and lockdowns going hand in hand in almost all parts of the country, stepping out of the house to have your favorite dessert from your favorite cake shop is not always possible.

Most people these days are health conscious. If you are one of those who like to eat healthily and follow different diets that are popular giving in to the cravings of sweet is a strict no-no. But thankfully, there are many online cake shops that are bringing a twist to all the cake recipes. 

These desserts are not only made with healthy ingredients but retain their original flavor and taste. If you have a sweet tooth and want to give your taste buds a heavenly experience, here is a list of the top five online cake store

Choc-a-Bloc Cake Store

As the name itself suggests, it’s a place where you will find the best chocolate cakes. If you happen to be someone who is a die-hard chocolate fan, you should definitely order from this store. 

They have different options like vegan, low-calorie, high-protein, keto in their chocolaty menu. But that does not change the taste of your favorite chocolate cake in any way.

Where to buy

Visit their website https://www.chocabloc.com to buy your favorite chocolate cake.

Frothy Swirls Bakery

If the name brings to your mind’s eye the frothy creamy swirls of the cake then don’t hesitate to buy from this amazing cake and bakery store. If you want to pamper yourself with ice-cream desserts and different flavored crispies this is the place you are looking for. 

They are known for their yummy Mousse Cakes which tastes divine. And the plus point is it is made from sugar-free ingredients. So no need to break your diet.

Where to buy

They have their own app as well as a website from where you can order. Visit them at https://www.frothyswirls.in

The Capital Bakers

One of the oldest bakers in the country, it has reinvented itself to cater to the taste buds of the millennials. They offer a multitude of dessert options that are sugar-free and gluten-free. These range from cookies to granolas and chunky granola bars.

Their oats and almond-based Apple Cinnamom Granola tastes heavenly and is sure to give you a run for your money.

Where to buy

You have to download their app from Google Playstore to order your favorite desserts.

Spongy Delights

This is one of my absolute favorites. They have a wide range of menus starting from cakes, pastries, doughnuts, ice-creams to crispies and rolls. And the amazing part is all of these are made from healthy ingredients.

Spongy Delights has different menus for different taste buds. You can customize the ingredients of the cake according to your choice which makes their store unique.

Where to buy

Spongy Delights have a presence on all major food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. Or you can visit their website to order your favorite cake.

Click  https://www.spongyDelights.com to know more

The Cakedom

If the quirky name caught your attention make sure to explore their menu. Their exquisite menu will spoil you for choice as it serves a variety of dessert and savory options. Their desserts are mouth-watering and yummy but come without the baggage of calories.

Try their sugar-free Belgian Chocolate and Berry Mousse Cake. A sugar-free roller coaster ride with chocolate mousse with a light sponge, berry compote a crunchy base. Yummy!

Where to buy

You can visit their Instagram Store by the same name to order their yummy cakes and pastries.

Let me know about your favorite cake shops online and your favorite dessert from that shop. If you have any more suggestions do let me know.